Our past, our present

Who looks ahead, never looks back. The mantra that drives us every day and makes us aware of the future and what we are creating.


The brothers Renzo and Graziano Pizzolato, young enthusiastic mechanics, started to create small, large machines in their garage. This is where it all began.


The company “Meccanica Pizzolato” was founded by the two brothers and their father Giuseppe. During these years Renzo and Graziano built their first nail and filter machine, then stamping and deep drawing dies for sheet metal. This then led to the idea of the first roll forming machines and complete lines for flexible sheet metal processing.


Siblings Fabio, Paolo, Anna and Giorgio join the family business. Work on the first roll forming lines begin, initially for garages and door frames, and lines for metal shelving and furniture.


The first line for welded tubes for broom handles was produced, a great innovation for that time. PM was ahead of its time and ahead of the competitors.


The business grew, work increased. PM moved to its new headquarters in Salzano (Venezia) where the Pizzolato family strengthened its working bond.


90’s was coming and PM was one of the few companies on the market to be highly specialised in the construction of roll forming lines for pressed gratings in different sizes and with different materials.


PM celebrates its first 25 years by opening a new production area, still in Salzano, 60,000sq metres of which 20,000 workshop space and 1500 square metres of office space. The company is now in over 50 countries worldwide with a turnover of about 35 million euros.


With a new logo, PM evolves its identity to meet the challenges of international markets at the turn of the new millennium.


PM accepts a new challenge: the company begins to study and produce profiles and roll forming lines for the Automotive sector, acquiring more and more expertise and skill in finding innovative solutions for these applications.


PM manufactures the Ducato chassis using a fully automated line, designed, built and installed by the company itself. As a result from this moment on, PM continues to design larger and more technological projects.


PM increases its expertise in many sectors, ranging from automotive to metal shelving systems-furniture, from construction to buildings, electricity, lighting, road systems, agriculture, air conditioning, pipes, household appliances, with the ability to produce lines and products in almost all fields of application.


The company donates to the community in Salzano “PalaPM”, a new leisure centre built in 2014, creating a strong bond with the council, local businesses and the local people.


PM doubles its productive area, by opening a 14.000sq metres space and eight 30-tonne overhead cranes, together with the new 20,000-tonne capacity coil warehouse and a new 150-seat canteen.


Expansion continues: for profile production a new 10.000sq metres warehouse was opened.


PM further increases the production process level of technology by building a new automatic warehouse space for 30.000 pallets and the new loading area of 5.5000sq metres.


PM celebrates 40 years of business and obtains Certification ISO 9001.


UNI EN 1090 is awarded together with two important contracts, one of which is for a high-tech line for the manufacture of truck side members and the other for a specialised line for the high production of drawer slides.


The new generation of the Pizzolato family join the company, bringing new visions and stimuli under the careful guidance of the founding brothers.


In order to divide up the production processes and activities, PM assigns the Profiles Area to the PM Profiles headquarters in Salzano (VE) and the Machine Area to the PM Forming headquarters in Casale sul Sile (VE), established ad hoc. Production accounts for a covered area of 10,000sq metres with a further 30,000sq metres available for expansion, 100 tonne bridge crane and 1000sq metre office space.


From the beginning of 2022 PM s.a.s. has changed its corporate name, becoming PM Profiles SRL. This change was made to face more and more adequately the daily challenges of the market.

“Our history is about family, sacrifices, values, love for work. It comes from the desire for change and the willingness to make a big dream come true, together. Today we carry that dream all over the world with infinite pride and with the same eyes as many years ago.”

Famiglia Pizzolato

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