Born from the passion for mechanics

We have been producing and installing automatic systems for sheet metal working for generations, also for third parties

PM Profiles and its “sister” PM Forming are part of the same large company recognized as one of the main producers of roll forming systems in Europe. Innovation, flexibility and high-quality standards combined with high-tech investments have transformed what was once “Meccanica Pizzolato” into the solid industrial reality it is today. An entrepreneurial and family history that makes us proud of the past and increasingly committed for the future.

Production site

PM ProfilesSalzano (VE)

Here you can find the historic core business of the company, namely the production of sheet metal machines, that evolved into third party production of tailor made profiles following client requirements. This is our core business, the world we continuously contribute to innovate. The first site in Salzano (VE), opened in 1987, houses different roll forming lines of varying dimensions, working from a 0,2 to 12 mm thickness. A large production plant where we carry on this great mechanical passion with the pride that has always distinguished us.

We have structured our internal organization with the aim of optimizing each step and quickly responding to any need, thanks to experience and time.

PM Profiles is divided into 5 coordination areas:

Thanks to our Sales Managers we are in contact with the whole world. Any request for profile development and customization can be easily realized, while complying with production standard and delivery times literally everywhere. PM Profiles overcomes every linguistic and geographical barrier to ensure the same quality from Europe to Asia, to the Americas. This commercial area also involves the Marketing Department, that is responsible for developing external communication strategies to strengthen the image of PM Profiles on the market.

In the Industrialization Office, the projects agreed with the customer are analysed and developed at all stages, right up to the final testing. Our technicians are engineers, software engineers, designers and specialized technicians, capable of combining creativity and knowledge, in order to design and develop the most relevant product to the ideas of those who require it. The ultimate goal is to obtain the perfect profile for each customer.

It consists of a team of department managers that coordinates the operators and the phases of the supply and manufacturing process. In continuous contact with the Technical Office and the Commercial Office, the PM Profiles managers ensure that the customer's specifications, as defined in the documents beforehand, are reflected in the produced profile.

In PM Profiles times and processes are constantly monitored to guarantee an impeccable final result, according to ISO 9001 and 1090-4 standards. For us, quality is not just a certificate to be respected: it is a promise to be kept every day, to repay the received trust. A guarantee of success that we have integrated into our business.

The financial, economic and fiscal experts make a huge contribution to the solidity and stability of the company. This allows us to plan our way and that of all our staff, easily achieve planned, safe and concrete growth target. In fact, foresight is one of the virtues in which we have always believed and on which we have always mostly invested.

Our Mission

Innovation is the engine of our existence, we strive for excellence and a constant desire to improve. We combine the utmost creativity in production with great engineering know-how: all this comes together in a great teamwork that confirms our competitive value every day.

Our Vision

Since 1977 we have built a future based on respect, passion, ingenuity, responsibility, ambition and collaboration towards the new generation. We believe in people and their values, which is why we encourage dialogue and relations between the various stakeholders. Our future is built on the principles of belonging, listening, helping and cooperation between us and the market.

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