Value added services

For us any customer-project is the beginning of a great story: first ideas meet, then desires and goals are shared and finally the final product to achieve them is shaped. Here is our value.

It always begins with a productivity need: in the Tailor-made Profiles Consultancy and Design phase we listen to what the customer is looking for. The Profiles Engineering and Development phase represents the step in which the idea comes to life and then takes shape from needs: we thus move on to the phase of Tailor-made Production of Cold Roll Formed Profiles so the ideas is materialized. At the end of this creation process, we continue to follow the customer in every aspect thanks to our After-sales Assistance.


Quality, competitiveness, speed, experience, creativity, efficiency.
Here is how we become a partner who you can trust.


A high regard for people, technical expertise and state-of-the-art machinery at PM come together to offer a comprehensive, high-quality service. Here we build our own superior standards.


We are completely equipped to deal with even the most complex of requests. Planning, production optimisation, management control and lean organisation are part of our daily business.


The combination of our integrated production departments and a very high level of automation in production allows us to reduce production and delivery times to a minimum. In other words: flexibility and versatility.


We have been in this market for over 40 years, born as mechanics, specialized as manufacturers of machines, until becoming producers of third party tailor-made profiles. In this way we have developed great technical and innovative skills.


Experience helps us to manage any request. We “read” every customer need, also offering him different solutions. We can quickly adapt to every specific case by overcoming all complexities.


Our slogan is "Maximum result offered, minimum effort by the customer". Optimization is the key to making every project sustainable, while efficiency and effectiveness are our two guaranteed promises.

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