In general, gypsum board frames consist of “C” uprights (studs) and “U” guides (tracks). Usually a “U” guide is placed across the entire wall or ceiling profile, and then "C" uprights are inserted into the wings of the frame, onto which the joints of the plasterboard panels are later made. The entire structure is made of cold-formed sheet metal profiles and is connected to the adjacent load-bearing elements by means of a dry system. Its peculiarity is to increase thermal and/or acoustic insulation to improve thermal-acoustic performance. This profile proposed by PM is an elastic U-shaped galvanised steel track, ideal for making load-bearing structure for single or double layer drywalls with single or multiple claddings (double, triple, etc.). The profile is smooth and can be easily ink-jet marked. The material, treatments, dimensions, thicknesses and special processes are defined with the customer to allow for the greatest possible customisation.